High Precision XRF for Coating Thickness Measurements

Hitachi FT110A Coating Thickness XRFThe Hitachi High-Technologies FT110A x-ray fluorescence analyzer sets a new standard in industrial coating thickness quality control. Building on the success of the Seiko XRF line (SFT-3200, SFT-9200), the new Hitachi FT110A offers the highest performance, ease of use, and reliability.  The versatile chamber design options are configured to efficiently meet thickness measurement needs from basic single layer measurements with high thorugh-put to complex coating applications including alloy thickness and compositional analysis.

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Set your sample, start measuring: The new Auto-focus function allows the FT110A to focus the observation optics system within seconds, speeding up throughput.

Improved thin film measurements: An optimized component layout results in increased sensitivity for standard collimators (0.1mm, 0.2mm) an results in improved precision in thin film analysis. (Achieve the highest precision in ultra thin coatings with the FT150)

No Standards Needed: The new thin film FP software (max 5 layers) has been modified to allow thickness measurements without standards.  Multi-layer and alloy plating measurements are also achievable.

Wide View Observation: This innovative observation system allows for an entire sample image (max 250 x 200mm) to be observed at one time.  Additionally, a desired measurement area can be designated with ease using the narrow field image function.

Overview of three major advancements found in the Hitachi FT-110A
          - ASTM B568, test method for measurement of coating thickness by x-ray spectrometry

(base model, options noted below)

Description: FT110A
Element Range: Atomic Numbers 22(Ti) to 83(Bi)
X-ray Source: Air Cooled X-ray Tube (50kV, 1mA)
Detector: Proportional Counter
Collimators: Round 0.1mm and 0.2mm (options below)
Sample Observation: CCD Camera (with innovative, wide view system)
Sample Image Focus: Laser Pointer (options below)
Filter: Automatic switching primary filter
Configuration: Top-Down
Chamber Exterior: 23.6 x 32.0 x 26.5 (WxDxH)
approximate, in inches
Sample Stage: Fixed or Motorized XY
Interface: Desktop computer and LCD monitor
Application Software: Thin Film FP, Thin Film Calibration
(all types of thin films, max 5 layers and 10 elements)
Data Process: Microsoft Excel and Word
  Options (review details)
Chamber: Slotted-Chamber Design
Sotted Chamber Stage: Fixed stage or Motorized XY
Collimators: Additional 0.05mm and 0.025x0.4mm
Sample Image Focus: Auto-Focus (includes laser pointer)
Sample Positioning: Wide View System
Secondary Filter: Cobalt Filter

Image Processing Software
Bulk FP (material component analysis)
Bulk Calibration (plating bath analysis)