XRF Analyzer Overview: Hitachi FT-110A Features and Benefits

One of the XRF analyzers from Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporations line of x-ray fluorescence that Eastern Applied Research associates know well is the FT-110A for coating thickness quality control.  Associates know it well because of our organizations involvement with the line when it was Seiko Nano-Technology – the Hitachi FT-110A acts as the latest generation of popular Seiko systems, the SFT-3200 and SFT-9200 series.

Users of those older Seiko analyzers will realize many of the same  benefits in the FT-110A and new users will appreciate features and precision that aren’t seen on other XRF Analyzers.  A new presentation (see below) highlights three of those features and offers some example configurations for various thickness application interests.  Those features include:

Auto-Focus: This feature will automatically focus the camera and do it faster than other analyzer options (70% reduction in time from conventional XRF).  This allows for rapid measurements at variable focal distances.  Video: YouTube intro to Auto-Focus

Wide-View Observation: A unique feature that can save an operator time and limit potential mistakes.  Operators can quickly move from a wide view of a large sample to a narrow, detailed, view.  This feature provides higher sample alignment accuracy when targeting microscopic areas (ie printed circuit boards). Video: YouTube intro to Wide-View

Film Analysis FP (fundamental parameters):  While not new to x-ray fluorescence, or this line, improvements are seen in the FT-110A that result in higher efficiency and improved performance by omitting prior operations.

Take a moment to review the presentation and contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss any of these features, or the system in general, and schedule a demonstration.

Link to SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/EasternApplied

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