Testimonials From Clients of Eastern Applied Research

With other XRF sales and service companies, you may just be another customer -
but with Eastern Applied Research, you will always be an important customer.

XRF Service Testimonials

The goal at Eastern Applied is to provide timely and cost efficient support of any x-ray fluorescence need.  We have sorted through a number of letters and below are just a few examples of satisfied clients...people and organizations that depend on Eastern Applied for efficient service or appropriate solutions.  We delivered for them and hope to have an opportunity to deliver for you.

          Standards Laboratory:
Quality Assurance Manager; metal finishing organization
"Thank you for following up on the standards.  (Our organization) is very satisfied with your products/services.  We were impressed on the turn around for calibration and the new standards.  Your customer service is second to none and your prices are very competitive.  We will definitely keep you in mind for the future and you can be assured that I'll refer your company to other people."

          Instrument Service:
Manager of Operations; metal finishing organization
"The Eastern Applied technician did an excellent and thorough job working in various conditions.  I wanted to hire him for our company.  The service was efficient and we will definitely utilize Eastern Applied in the future."

Quality Manager; electronic components manufacturer
"The (XRF analyzer) was dysfunctional; Eastern's staff came in and diagnosed the problem.  When we needed a fast turn-around time, Eastern was able to meet our expectations.  I've always been satisfied with Eastern Applied Research."

          XRF Sales:
Manufacturing Supervisor; aerospace engineering facility
"I would just like to say how pleased I am with how quickly this deal came together.  I was sitting here last Friday with an old broken down machine and thanks to (Eastern Applied Research), we were able to work out a deal so that I could get the new machine in one day!"

Plating Lab Technician; automotive components manufacturer
"After using a (competitive) XRF analyzer for years, we have been impressed with the Hitachi FT-110A so far.  It's simple to use and has proven to be extremely precise in the quality control of our Zn and ZnNi coatings.  The large chamber was important for the auto parts we plate and the auto-focus function of the (FT-110A) is one feature that has helped improve our throughput - especially when measuring into crevices.  All in all, we're happy that we switched from the other XRF brand to Hitachi.

          Overall / Multiple Services:
Calibrations Manager; electronic components manufacturer 
"Eastern Applied Research has been wonderful to work with.  They serviced our old x-ray unit, upgraded it, and recertified our standards for less than we had been paying before.  Their staff was friendly and helpful and answered all my questions.  I highly recommend them."

Product Test Engineer; electronic components manufacturer
"I have to say that I have dealt with a lot of calibration and equipment companies over the years and Eastern continues to impress me with each interaction.  When companies are cutting back on quality and staff to improve their bottom line sales your company is rising above the competition."

Owner; general plating facility
This is just a note to let you all know what a pleasure it is to deal with Eastern Applied Research.  Technical problems encountered are dealt with quickly and professionally.  We have a Hitachi FT110A - and really love it.  Shawn has been an absolute delight to work with.  He has helped us in more ways than we can mention with our new unit.  Also, Jeff, Andy, and everybody at the main office have been nothing short of terrific.  Thanks for being first class in all things customer service and x-ray related.

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