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XRF Calibration Standards Quote RequestUtilizing quality reference standards is critical to the performance of many x-ray fluorescence analyzers.  The in-house XRF Standards Laboratory of Eastern Applied Research eliminates any concern over the quality of your certified reference materials. 

Calibration standards manufactured by our experienced laboratory staff are NIST Traceable.
(when applicable)

Coating Thickness Standards for X-Ray Fluorescence:
The most common request for reference materials relates to setting up an XRF analyzer for coating thickness measurements.  Eastern Applied is able to provide certified reference standards for applications ranging from basic, single layer, coating needs to complex multi-layer and alloy thickness interests.  XRF standards for thickness applications can be offered as foil or plated in either individual pieces or complete sets (including infinites).  Our application specialists are able to offer experienced advice on what approach is most efficient for your XRF analyzer make/model.

Do you know the difference between Plated and Foil standards?
XRF Standard FoilFoil XRF Standards: this style is created with the foil of coating material and thickness attached to a stainless steel foil holder.  The foil is then temporarily secured on top of a plastic chip containing the desired base material.  When a range of thicknesses are required, a user will have several foils of different thicknesses to cover that range.

Plated XRF Standard for Coating ThicknessPlated XRF Standards: these are created by actually electroplating the desired material of specific thickness onto a permanent base material.  The user will typically have standard pieces of several different thicknesses to span a desired calibration range (layers and base material in one piece for each thickness point).

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XRF Standards Laboratory RequestOur experienced laboratory staff and Application Specialists can provide consultation on the XRF standards best suited to meet your testing goals.

RoHS Certified Reference Material CRM
More Than Coating Thickness Standards: 

While the most common request for reference materials relates to coating thickness applications, our laboratory is able to provide certified reference materials for many additional applications of ED-XRF technology.  Certified reference material (CRM's) are available for hazardous substance testing (RoHS), alloy analysis, gold karat analysis, and many other interests.

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Accredited XRF Certification and Calibration
Eastern Applied is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for Certifications 
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