Hitachi 1200VX: Ultimate Speed in Element Analysis

Hitachi 1200VX XRF Analyzer for RoHS Inspection

The Hitachi 1200VX XRF analyzer has been developed to meet the demands for both RoHS testing and advanced material identification. Equipped with unique 'Vortex' x-ray detection technology, the EA1200VX provides industry leading performance in resolution, sensitivity, and count rates.  Adding precision control software provides users with all these benefits and shortened measurement time.

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Phenominal High Speed Analysis (High Sensitivity): XRF measurement time can be greatly shortened to an average one tenth the time of conventional methods by combining the high count rate and high resolution detector with Hitachi's precision control software.

Newly Developed Uni-Filter (option): RoHS restricted elements can be measured at one time using a single composite filter, achieving even shorter measuring times than the already rapid 1200VX speed.

Wide Range of Applications: Measurements of Na to U is possible by conducting measurements in a vacuum atmosphere (option).  This system also supports highly sensitive analysis of Chlorine (Cl).

Micro-Spot Analysis: Micro-spot qualitative and quantitative analysis with a 1mm x-ray beam anywhere on a printed circuit board.

Sample Changer (option): This option enables continuous measurement of up to twelve (12) samples, even when they require different measurement conditions.  Large samples up to 16.9" x 12.6" in size can still be measured simply by placing them in the chamber

(base model, options noted below; contact Eastern Applied to discuss)

Description: EA1200VX
Element Range: Atomic Numbers 11 (Na) to 92 (U)
(when using vacuum option)
Sample State: Solid / Powder / Liquid
X-ray Source: Air Cooled X-ray Tube, Rh target
Variable voltage (15, 30, 40, 50kV) and current (1mA)
X-ray Configuration: Bottom-Up Irradiation
Detector: Vortex Siilcon Drift Detector (high speed, no LN2)
Collimators: 1mm, 8mm (electric switching)
Sample Observation: Color CCD Camera
Filter: Five (5) filters, automatic switching
Interface: Desktop or Laptop computer and LCD monitor
Data Process: Microsoft Excel and Word
Qualitative: Spectrum Measurement, Auto-ID, Comparison display
Quantitative: KLM marker display, subtraction display, Bulk FP (Cal) Calibration
  Precision Control Software
  Spectrum Matching Software (material discrimination)
  Film Analysis (CAL) Software
  Sample Changer (turret stage)
  3mm Collimator
  Vacuum Pump (light element analysis)
  Standard Reference Samples
  UNI Filter