Hitachi 1000A-III and 1000VX XRF Analyzers for RoHS Inspection

Hitachi 1000VX XRF Analyzer for RoHS Inspection

When RoHS regulations initially affected electronic component importers and manufacturers in the United States and Mexico, the Seiko 1000A system was the most popular solution for in-house screening.  Hitachi High-Technologies offers the latest developments of that model in the Hitachi 1000A-III (and 1000VX, shown in image).  This model expands on the benefits that the 1000A offered to major organizations, primarily a relatively cost-efficient system for precise analysis down to the component level.

Users of previous models (Seiko 1000A) will appreciate the even more user-friendly approach to software and report generation, which includes measures that will prevent operator error.  Learn about all of the advancements made in our Introduction to Hitachi EA-Series (Presentation Linked).

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Hitachi XRF for RoHS on Youtube
Hitachi XRF for RoHS Testing on Youtube


Low-Cost Entry Model: The same price as the previous version (SEA1000A-II) but now features a high resolution silicon semiconductor detector (SDD), electric control system, and a mechanical drive for faster measurement speeds (shortened by 1/3).  Environmentally regulated substance measurement software V2, which was previously an option, is now included standard.

Precision Control Software: Based on feedback from previous Seiko models, this software was designed to simplify the measurement process and minimize operator mistakes.  The end result is faster measurement times and more confidence in results.

Material ID Function: Previous versions required manual selection of an analytical recipe (calibration) but now there is no operator involvement as the system automatically identifies the material and selects the appropriate calibration to base the analysis on.

Improved Operation Panel: The new operation panel has a progress bar indicator and electronic sounds that keep operators aware of the measurement status.

Certified Reference Materials, HS Standards: In addition to offering certified reference materials for RoHS directive elements (Cd, Pb, Cr, Hg, Br), Hitachi High-Technologies also manufactures standard samples that support the control of Chlorine (Cl), Antimony (Sb), Tin (Sn), etc

New Regulated Substance Software: Measuring time was, of course, reduced by precision control software.  Inspection efficiency was improved and the cost reduced by central control of measurement data used in a database.

Sample Changer (option): User free continuous measurement of up to twelve (12) sample.

(base model, options noted below. Contact Eastern Applied to discuss)

Description: EA1000A-III
Element Range: Atomic Numbers 13 (Al) to 92 (U)
Sample State: Solid / Powder / Liquid
X-ray Source: Air Cooled X-ray Tube, Rh target
Variable voltage (15, 40, 50kV) and current (1mA)
X-ray Configuration: Bottom-Up Irradiation
Detector: Si Semiconductor Detector (high speed, no LN2)
(high-speed Vortex XRF detector available in 1000VX model)
Chamber: 14.5 x 12.5 x 4.7 (W-D-H, approximate in inches)
Collimators: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm (auto switch)
Sample Observation: Color CCD Camera
Filter: Five (5) mode, automatic switching (including off)
Interface: Desktop or Laptop computer and LCD monitor
Data Process: Microsoft Excel and Word
Software: Routine Measurement, Regulated Substance V2
Qualitative: Spectrum Measurement, Auto-ID,
KLM Marker Display, Comparison display
Quantitative: Bulk FP, Bulk CAL
  Sample Changer (turret, holds up to 12 samples)
  Fillm Analysis FP Software
  Film Analysis Calibration Software
  Spectrum Matching (compares to registered standard samples)
  Version 1 of environmentally regulated substance software
  Various certified refernece materials (Pb free solder, etc)