Handheld XRF Analyzer Services

The Eastern Applied Research technical staff has made it possible to receive competitively priced Handheld XRF service with highly efficient turn-around.  Our technical staff provides full service for all major brands of portable XRF spectrometers - from preventative maintenance to major component repair, our staff offers knowledgeable support at a competitive price. Contact Eastern Applied to discuss the problems or service needs of your Handheld XRF.

Handheld XRF SystemsHandheld XRF Brands Serviced: (not limited to)
Niton XRF Analyzers (Thermo Fisher)
Olympus (aka Innov-X)
Bruker Instruments
Spectro XRF
Oxford Instruments: XMet Series
Quickshot XRF
Skyray Instrument
RMD Instruments


Most organizations look to have regular (typically yearly) services performed on Handheld XRF analyzers.  Certification of accuracy and Safety Radiation certifications are offered to meet your documentation requirements while a preventative maintanence review is included in order to help extend the life of what is often a critical piece of process control equipment.

Many manufacturers of portable XRF systems will charge a hefty flat rate just to determine what is causing problems with an analyzer.  At Eastern Applied, we have a minimal evaluation fee that can often be credited towards any required repairs.  Our staff makes analyzer evaluations a priority so that clients can quickly decide what next steps are required to maintain their processes.

The three primary repairs related to Handheld XRF include the interface/operation screen, x-ray tube, and detection system...but much more can cause problems.  Once our technical staff has deterimined the issue, they will offer a quote to repair and realistic timeframe for the service.  We can offer low cost Handheld XRF Rental options if required to keep a facilities processes moving.
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