Experienced XRF Technicians: there when you need us

X-Ray Fluorescence Service CalibrationEastern Applied Research began as an XRF service company...dedicated to providing timely responses to XRF issues and cost efficient services for most brands of x-ray fluorescence analyzers.  

Over the years, our clients needs required that we add a sales division and in-house reference standards laboratory but providing industry leading analyzer service and support remains the backbone of our organization.

Regionally located field technicians have been trained by our headquarter staff on a wide range of XRF analyzer makes/models.  That ability to provide certification, consult, and repairs to a variety of analyzer brands remains one of our service teams greatest benefits (right behind competitvely priced services and a fast response time).

Additional information on the following services are linked below

On-site XRF Certification
accredited certification, safety radiation, and preventative maintenance

XRF Evaluation and Repair Services
covering most models of XRF, we can diagnose and offer cost saving repair options

Now Offering: Handheld XRF Services
1-2 day turnaround for handheld XRF certifications, competitvely priced repair services too

XRF Protection Plans
options to limit your downtime and eliminate un-budgeted costs associated with repairs

XRF Services and Support Request

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