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Eastern Applied Research offers knowledgeable, experienced, and complete support for all brands of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology.

XRF Spectrometer Sales and Solutions:
featuring innovative Hitachi High-Tech XRF analyzers for coating thickness, process control, and elemental analysis

Accredited XRF Standards Lab:
our accredited in-house standards laboratory meets certification needs and manufactures certified reference material (CRM)

Experienced XRF Service
experienced field technicians provide on-site services throughout North America and an in-house staff offers consultation

Eastern Applied Research X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

Latest News

XRF Analyzer Price

Budget is always an aspect to consider when adding an XRF analyzer - but buyers need to consider both the short and long term.  In our latest XRF-Blog entry, we review both the short term price of XRF as well as the long term costs associated with the equipment.
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   XRF Analyzer Costs

XRF Radiation Safety

Many new users of XRF aren't aware that they need to know register the system with the state, this is true for both Handheld and Bench-Top analyzers.

Review an overview of XRF Safety Regulations.


Guess What's Back...

Bulk Analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence
As part of our new Hitachi distribution agreement, we are once again offering Bulk Analyzers for Industrial Process Control. 

We are excited to offer the XSupreme-8000 and NEW LabX5000.

Review the Full Lineup