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Eastern Applied Research offers knowledgeable, experienced, and complete support for all brands of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology.

XRF Spectrometer Sales and Solutions:
featuring innovative Hitachi High-Tech XRF analyzers for coating thickness, process control, and elemental analysis

Accredited XRF Standards Lab:
our accredited in-house standards laboratory meets certification needs and manufactures certified reference material (CRM)

Experienced XRF Service
experienced field technicians provide on-site services throughout North America and an in-house staff offers consultation

Eastern Applied Research X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

Latest News

See-Thru Mapping

An intro to a unique feature of the Hitachi EA6000VX; see-thru mapping.  The noted uses are in contamintation analysis and counterfeit avoidance.

Learn About XRF Mapping

X-Ray Tube Failure

When an ED-XRF analyzers x-ray tube fails, it can very possibly damage other components (typically PCB's).  A recent blog entry highlights the potential issues of an arcing x-ray tube and what users can do to limit the additional damages (and associated costs).

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New Hitachi Facility

New Hitachi United States Facility

Hitachi High-Tech has announced the opening of a new facility in California.  It will be critical to customer support for the entire line of analytical equipment available from Hitachi, including the x-ray fluorecence line.

Learn About the Facility