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Eastern Applied Research offers knowledgeable, experienced, and complete support for all brands of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology.

XRF Spectrometer Sales and Solutions:
featuring innovative Hitachi High-Tech XRF analyzers for coating thickness, process control, and elemental analysis

Accredited XRF Standards Lab:
our accredited in-house standards laboratory meets certification needs and manufactures certified reference material (CRM)

Experienced XRF Service
experienced field technicians provide on-site services throughout North America and an in-house staff offers consultation

Eastern Applied Research X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

Latest News

Micro-XRF Added in NY Lab

The service center of Eastern Applied has added a Hitachi FT-150 Micro-XRF analyzer for 3rd party testing needs and demonstrations.  The Micro-XRF is used for ultra thin film measurements and more.


New YouTube Videos on XRF

Associates have added several new videos on YouTube introducing various features of the Hitachi FT-110A XRF analyzer.  Videos include two that focus on specific features and one that is a full demo webinar.

Playlist: Hitachi FT110A


AS6171/3 for Counterfeits

XRF has many uses and it is often the versatility that makes it the choice over other analytical methods.  Meeting aerospace standard AS6171/3 is a benefit of the Hitachi EA-Series offers in addition to their other capabilities. 

Intro to AS6171/3

Counterfeit Electronics Identification