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Eastern Applied Research offers knowledgeable, experienced, and complete support for all brands of x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology.

XRF Spectrometer Sales and Solutions:
featuring innovative Hitachi High-Tech XRF analyzers for coating thickness, process control, and elemental analysis

Accredited XRF Standards Lab:
our accredited in-house standards laboratory meets certification needs and manufactures certified reference material (CRM)

Experienced XRF Service
experienced field technicians provide on-site services throughout North America and an in-house staff offers consultation

Eastern Applied Research X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

Latest News

New Events: CA and NC

Eastern Applied associates will be demonstrating the Hitachi FT110A at two more trade events.  Two NASF events in California (Sept) and one PCB event in North Carolina (Nov).  Review the XRF at those events or your facility.

XRF Demo Event List

Evolution in RoHS Testing

The Hitachi XRF analyzer line is the evolution of the popular Seiko XRF line and a new presentation highlights advancements made in desktop analyzers for RoHS testing.

Review the Presentation
Review the Analyzers


New YouTube Videos on XRF

Associates have added several new videos on YouTube introducing various features of the Hitachi FT-110A XRF analyzer.  Videos include two that focus on specific features and one that is a full demo webinar.  Additional videos focus on Handheld XRF.

Playlist: Hitachi FT110A

XRF Videos on Youtube