X-Ray Fluorescence Technology; Overviews and Info

XRF Sales and Support InformationEastern Applied Research is focused on x-ray fluorescence spectrometers and the benefits the analytical technique offers in quality control of coating thickness, material identification, and general process control.

While we have resources avaialble for additional analytical techniques, XRF (specifically energy dispersive, ED-XRF) is our focus - and has been for over twenty years.  Below are overviews of how XRF works, benefits it can offer, and resources for both current and prospective users.  Please review and contact Eastern Applied with question on x-ray fluorescence or other analytical techniques.

What is XRF?: learn how XRF technology operates and the critical components
          Benefits of X-ray Fluorescence: nondestructive, fast, versatile, economical...and more

Technology Blog: topics relating to x-ray fluorescence...applications, regulations, maintenance, etc.
Recent Blogs:
          - X-Ray Fluorescence How To: Measuring Small, Curved, Samples
          Case Study; Handheld XRF in Metal Contaminant Identification
- 4 Factors in an XRF analyzers trade in value

Outside Resources: some sites of industry associates and helpful resources