Running Windows7 on an XRF Analyzer

Until mid-2012, new x-ray fluorescence analyzers came with Windows XP operating systems and not Windows 7.  Slowly, most manufacturers began making W7 the standard and it is the operating system offered on all new analyzers at this point.  The reasons for the switch to W7 are the same issues that are creating headaches for many XRF users with XP based analyzers.

Windows on XRF AnalyzersThe primary problem XP-based users are now faced with is networking compatibility issues as many organizations transition to W7 based internal networks.  This creates issues in the transfer of data and reports from an XRF analyzer running Windows XP.  Even when a network change isn’t driving the need for W7 based XRF systems, most users of older operating systems will soon be faced with the challenge of new accessories (i.e. printers) that require Windows 7 to operate through the analyzer.

So what are your options if you are using an XP based x-ray fluorescence analyzer?
Essentially, you have three…

  1. Wait it out: the primary reason to consider updating to W7 won’t affect every user and the accessories issue will take some time to be problematic.  So, knowing your organization, you can decide to continue operating the analyzer with XP until you just can’t do it anymore (there are still DOS based systems in operation, so you might go a while without worrying).
  2. Convert your current XRF analyzer to W7: request a discussion with Eastern Applied Research’s technical specialists about the options we can offer to update your current analyzer.  We have successfully converted units from Seiko, Oxford/CMI, and Roentgenanalytik, among others but all brands and models of XRF require different adjustments to convert to Windows 7.  At the very least, however,  we can confirm if it is something you can even consider.
  3. Update to the latest XRF technology:  As a distributor of multiple lines of x-ray fluorescence analyzers (both new Hitachi XRF and used XRF analyzers), we are able to offer a variety of the latest generation of XRF that will run on Windows 7 and eliminate any networking issues at your facility.  Request a discussion with an XRF Sales Associate to learn more.

Has an internal network transition to Windows 7 created issues with your XRF analyzer?
Or, are you still running an operating system even older than Windows XP?
Let us know about it…but, regardless of the approach that is right for your organization at this point, Eastern Applied Research can offer the support and options required when any XRF related decisions need to be made.  Contact us to discuss your situation.

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