Three Benefits of Hitachi’s Acquisition of Oxford’s IA Division

You may have already heard that Hitachi High-Tech Corp acquired the Industrial Analysis division of Oxford Instruments at the end of 2017.  The new division, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science America, Inc (Hitachi), will provide both bench-top and handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers plus optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).

Hitachi High-Tech XRFThe combination of Hitachi and Oxford resources, talent, and technology provides a number of benefits to users of Hitachi XRF moving forward.  With the announcement that Eastern Applied will continue as a distributor of Hitachi x-ray fluorescence, we put together a quick list of the top benefits this new Hitachi will provide to XRF users:

Only The Strongest XRF Analyzers Survive: the two lines of x-ray fluorescence had obvious overlap in some application areas and the Hitachi team has selected the best options from those overlapping analyzers.  Looking at options for coating thickness measurements, while a majority of the Oxford XRF analyzers have been discontinued the hugely popular XStrata-920 will still be offered along with the Hitachi XRF’s (FT110A, FT150).  Bulk analyzers from Oxford, the LabX-5000 (replaced the LabX3500) and XSupreme8000 will be offered alongside the Hitachi elemental analyzers (EA-Series), eventually replacing one or two models.

This benefit means organizations considering Hitachi x-ray fluorescence options are looking at the best analyzers from two high performing lines.

Restructured Pricing: any analytical system with the Hitachi name provides top quality and performance, which easily justifies a slightly higher price point.  However, a number of factors have allowed for even more competitive pricing on a number of the x-ray fluorescence analyzers.  Excellent pricing is available on configurations of the primary analyzer for coating thickness measurements, the Hitachi FT110A, and on a true leader in its product class, the EA6000VX (which provides thin coating measurements, RoHS testing, elemental analysis, and more).

Resources and Support: this benefit covers a few areas…First, the combination of support teams will result in an even greater knowledge base in the development of future systems but also in providing you with important information as you consider your XRF options (access to sample testing, application briefs, etc).  Second, only the best of both component resources will be used – positively affecting costs and performance.  Lastly, North American support is strengthened on both coasts because of the Hitachi facility in California and the former Oxford facility in Massachusetts – these facilities will act as a strong back-up to the support that Eastern Applied Research can provide to users of the Hitachi XRF line.

Eastern Applied is excited to be part of the Hitachi XRF Distribution team and the above reasons are just a few that potential users of Hitachi XRF should be excited as well.

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