What is your testing need?

Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometery offers a nondestructive and economical testing solution for a range of application needs.  Some of the more common applications of interest are noted below and with over twenty years of experience, Eastern Applied's Application Specialists are available to discuss your specific testing interest and the options that can be offered to solve them.  Contact Eastern Applied for a conversation about your testing interests. 

Analytical Laboratory Equipment
     Industrial Laboratory: versatility and precision in a single analytical technique
     Academic Laboratory: lower cost analyzers that provide a range of application 

Material Analysis
     Metal / Alloy Analysis Applications
               Positive Material Identification
               Scrap Metal Sorting
     Ultra Low Sulfur; petroleum, diesel
               Sulfur Application Brief: ASTM D4294
     Analysis of Lubrication Oils
     RoHS Compliance Testing and Quantitative Analysis

Industrial Coating/Plating Analysis
     Coating Thickness Measurements
               Single-Layer, Multi-Layer, Composition, Thin Film Analysis
     Liquid Analysis / Plating Bath

Geological Testing

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