Hitachi XRF for RoHS Testing with Expanded Capabilities

RoHS Testing EquipmentRoHS regulations affect the entire electronics supply chain...from component distributors to printed circuit board manufacturers through to the organizations utilizing them, or selling them, in a final product.  While proof of compliance for hazardous substance regulations will often be requested of a vendor, many organizations look to add in-house screening capabilities as an additional layer of verification and protection.  X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology is a widely accepted method of quickly screening a variety of product for hazardous substances (lead, cadmium, etc) in order to show due diligence relating to regulations. 

Many affected organizations look to XRF technology with the understanding that passing the responsibility of compliance down the supply chain will not protect their organization if non-compliant parts appear

When compared to other options for in-house screening, the benefits of x-ray fluorescence include:
     -  Fast and Accurate Measurements
     -  No Technical Background Required of Operators
     -  Non-Destructive Testing Method
     -  Lower Cost of Acquisition and Maintenance
     -  Additional Testing Capabilities if Applicable

Hitachi XRF SalesMultiple analyzers in the Hitachi High-Technologies line of x-ray fluorescnece are designed to provide highly efficient RoHS testing with unique features and providing additional testing capabilities, including coating thickness measurements and general elemental analysis.

Hitachi XRF Analyzers for RoHS ScreeningOrganizations should consider bench-top XRF analyzers when testing populated circuit boards and micro-spot areas.  The Hitachi XRF line offers a premier analyzer for RoHS testing, from entry level systems like the 1000A-III to systems that include advanced mapping functions like the 6000VX.
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RoHS testing equipment infoThe following presentation highlights some of the innovations that have
improved the performance of an industry leading analyzer line.

Improving RoHS Testing with X-ray Fluorescence by Hitachi from Eastern Applied Research, Inc.