Handheld XRF for Weld Analysis Applications

One very specific, and often critical, use of the alloy identification capabilities that portable XRF analyzers provide is the analysis of welds and weld materials.  When two alloys are joined, the structural integrity of the assembly is only as strong as the welded joint.  The use of Handheld XRF analyzers for the verification of weld materials prior to welding and the inspection of final joints at various stages is critical to insuring the long-term integrity of the welded piece and prject as a whole.

For some organizations, a mix-up in welding materials will "only" degrade the final product - but this will still have a long-term financial impact to the organizations involved if replacement or repairs are required.  A welding mistake in other industries, such as petrochemical piping or aerospace applications, can result in loss of much more than property or revenue...it may result in the loss of life.  Material mix-ups happen and will continue to without proper testing protocol and alloy testing equipment in place.

Suggested XRF for Weld Analysis:
When positive material identification (100% material inspection) is required, Eastern Applied suggests the user of Oxford Instruments 'best in class' X-Met8000 Handheld XRF.  This innovative alloy analyzer is lighter, faster, and more rugged than its predecessors.

One of the major benefits that the X-Met8000 provides in the analysis of welds is its new, narrower, nose design.  The thinning out of the analyzer nose is optimized to test inside bends and corners - without the addition of a cumbersome weld beam adapter.  The X-Met8000 offers users the largest alloy library currently available plus the option to customize as required.  The off-the-shelf package allows users to verify a wide range of alloy materials - including low alloy steels, Cr-Mo steels, stainless, complex nickel based alloys (Hastelloys, Inconels), and more exotic materials such as titanium, tantalum, or tungsten.

Additional Benefits of the X-Met8000, Handheld XRF
     - Superior analysis of light elements (Mg to S)
     - Lowest limits of detection, for accurate trace/tramp elements
     - Optimized for full day use; fastest start-up, longest battery life, lightweight
     - Rugged, achieves IP54 rating for dust and water
     - Largest alloy library comes standard, plus the flexibility to customize
     - Stores up to 100,000 measurements
     - Simple data transfer (Bluetooth, WiFi) and robust report capabilities

Xmet8000 XRF Steel Verification

Insuring the integrity of the alloy assembly is simple with the use of an X-Met8000 XRF Analyzer.  This system will allow for the verification of base materials, piping, components, filler materials, and
associate parts prior to welding and after.

XMet8000 XRF for Alloy Analysis

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