Certification of XRF Reference Standards Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025

Certified XRF Calibration Standards
Eastern Applied Research provides certification of XRF reference standards for all makes and models of x-ray fluorescence analyzers.  These services are offered through our in-house laboratory...never outsourced.  This in-house laboratory lets you work directly with the associates that will be certifying your XRF standards and allows Eastern Applied to offer competitive pricing and turn-around time; typical services will be completed in 2-5 working days.    

XRF reference standard conditions may change over time because of corrosion, inter-metallics, migration, dirt, handling and mis-use.  This can cause a difference between actual coating thickness and the standards certified value.  Since this may lead to inaccurate measurements that can negatively affect your organization, regular (typically, yearly) recertification is recommended.

A critical aspect of many organizations quality systems is maintaining the XRF Analyzer certification but also the reference standards that allow the instruments to perform at their peak level.  Through an advanced tracking system, the laboratory staff monitors certification due dates and contacts clients in advance to help insure that a critical certification is not missed.

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Certification of XRF StandardsEastern Applied Research, Inc is able to certify plated and foil reference materials for all makes/models of XRF analyzer, including (but not limited to) Fischer Technologies, Seiko Nano Technology, Oxford Instruments, Hitachi High-Technologies, Bowman XRF, and even systems that are no longer manufactured (Twin Cities, Veeco, etc). 

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Accredited XRF Calibration Standards and Certification
Eastern Applied is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025: Learn More