Available for XRF Services When You Need Us

No matter how well an XRF Analyzer has performed in the past, issues will occur at some point - and Eastern Applied is available when they do.  Eastern Applied Research began as an XRF service organization and has grown because of a dedication to providing fast response times, knowledgeable service, and economical resolutions to problems. 

Our staff understands how critical XRF Technology is to your quality control process and realizes that analyzer downtime can often be extremely costly because of limitations to production. 

XRF Services ContactKnowing this, our in-house technical staff will work with you to trouble shoot problems and determine if an immediate resolution is possible by phone.  XRF Specialists can also attempt immediate resolution of software related issues through remote access of a clients system.  If these options are not able to resolve the issue then our Service Coordinator will work to have a field technician scheduled to provide on-site evaluation services.

X-ray Tubes for XRF AnalyzersBased on the description of a problem and pre-evaluation, our field technician will attempt to arrive at your facility with components that may be required to resolve the issue.  They will perform the on-site evaluation of your x-ray fluorescence analyzer, advise you on the technical issues, and probable resolution.  With your approval, the technician will provide the repair services required - when it comes to repairs, we strive to offer a complete repair at competitive pricing; one way to offer the best priced repairs is by developing critical components in-house that have been proven over time to offer top performance at reasonable prices.

Major XRF Components Available For
Seiko XRF Instruments Fischer Technology Hitachi High-Tech
Oxford / CMI Instruments Bowman XRF ...and many more!

Eastern Applied Technicians Receive Regular Training
Oxford XStrata Service Training     Fischer XDAL Service Training

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