Precious Metal Assay / Gold Testing by Handheld XRF

X-ray fluorescence was developed as a quality control tool for obtaining accurate coating thickness measurements.  However, in recent decades there has been a steady growth in the variety of applications that it provides an economical and non-destructive solution for. One use of XRF that has gained substantial interest in recent years is its ability to accurately detect precious metals content in a variety of sample materials…making it a valuable tool for gold buy back organizations, pawn shops, jewelry manufacturers, and precious metal refiners.

XRF for Precious Metal AssayTraditionally, precious metal refiners would utilize the fire assay method - and many still do.  This is a highly accurate technique but it is time consuming, requires the destruction of a sample, and requires a skilled operator to achieve accurate results.  These disadvantages are the reason that x-ray fluorescence is used when certification (hallmarking) is not required…offering a lower-cost and non-destructive method that provides almost instant results.

Over the last few years, with the lower cost of acquisition that portable x-ray fluorescence systems offer, Handheld XRF has grown into a solution for a broader variety of precious metal assay needs. Many gold buy back organizations prefer a handheld analyzer because it can be portable when needed or it can be set in a bench-top stand for stationary use.  The combination of alloy analysis (steel grade) and precious metal assay capabilities make handheld analyzers like the X-Met7000 QuickSort a useful tool in pawn shops as well.

Precious Metals Assay LiteratureThe following offers a snapshot of the performance capabilities of handheld XRF for precious metals assay.  A sample was measured for twenty seconds, three times, with the average results being listed with the certified values.  Additional performance information is available in the product applications overview.

Precious Metal Assay Results by XRF

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