Test Equipment for Coating Thickness Measurements

XRF Analyzers for Coating ThicknessX-ray fluorescence technology was originally developed as a measurement device because the penetration depths that x-rays are able to achieve allow XRF to measure coatings that other techniques can not. 

While the application reach of the non-destructive testing technology has grown, the measurement of coatings and thin films continue to be an ideal, and popular, use of XRF.  This critical quality control technology is relied upon in a wide range of facilities - from general plating shops to aerospace, automotive, and military manufacturing plants.

Si Stack Coating Thickness

Benefits that XRF offers in Coating/Composition include:
     - Fast and Precise Results
     - Nondestructive Analysis
     - Multi-functional; variety of layers and composition
     - Report Functions; quickly develop and store reports

Potential coating thickness applications can range from single-layer measurements (Au/Cu, etc) to very complex multi-layer alloy coatings...with compositional analysis.  It is possible, for instance, to analyze a three-element alloy coating on an intermediate layer of a five element base material (Au-Cu-Cd over Ni on a Stainless Steel base).  

Common Coating Thickness Applications Include:
     - Single Layer Coatings; one metal coating (Zn, Ni, Cr, Cu, etc) over a substrate
     - Binary Alloy Coatings
     - Multiple Layer (multilayer) Coatings; two or more layers over a substrate (Cr/Ni/Cu)
        - common applications in electronics are ENIG and ENEPIG per IPC 4552 and IPC 4556
     - Composite coatings over a substrate (AuNi/Cu and ZnNi/Cu)
        - composition of the alloy coating can be identified as well
     - Thin film measurements (ie wafer fab quality control in semiconductor industry)
     - Solution analysis of plating baths
     - Measurement methods according to ASTM standards when applicable
        - common standard: ASTM B568 for Coating Measurements

XRF Analyzer Sales and InformationEastern Applied Research is able to offer a number of options for fast, accurate, and reliable coating thickness measurements - from the latest developments in the technology to an always changing inventory of certified used XRF analyzers to simple and effective contact gauges.

Hitachi XRF Analyzers Seiko Link to: New XRF Analyzers by Hitachi High-Tech:
     - FT-110A: multiple chambers, basic coating thickness applications
     - FT-150: ultra thin-film measurements for semiconductor industry use

Used XRF Analyzers for SaleLink to: Used XRF Analyzers: Often the lowest cost XRF analyzers are offered in a rotating selection of Used XRF analyzers.  Systems obtained in trade can often be rebuilt to 'like new' conditions and are offered as a popular option for organizations working with a tight budget or just adding a second/back-up analyzer.

Gauges for Plating Thickness MeasurementsLink to: Thickness Gauges: Not all coating thickness measurement needs require x-ray fluorescence.  Applications in electroplating, automotive, powder coatings, etc will simply require a basic contact gauge and Eastern Applied is able to offer a variety of gauges for these interests. Learn More: the difference between eddy-current and magnetic.

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