XRF Certification and Preventative Maintenance

XRF Service RequestAccredited XRF certification services are provided at your facility through regionally located field technicians that are direct employees of Eastern Applied Research (no outsourced services).

Certification of X-Ray Fluorescence AnalyzerXRF Technicians from Eastern Applied provide services on a wide range of XRF machines...including the newest models from Hitachi High-Tech, Bowman XRF, and Fischer Technologies through older models from Seiko XRF, Twin Cities Int'l, CMI Instruments and more.  

Services are provided throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico (bi-lingual xray fluorescence technicians are available) and the service department is dedicated to timely scheduling of certification services so that your critical compliance dates are not missed.

(summary below; read our detailed overview of the XRF service)
Calibration of the XRF Analyzer:
using NIST traceable reference standards to insure that this critical piece of quality control equipment is working to specifications and providing documentation of certification to meet the clients audit requirements

X-ray Safety Radiation Survey:
assuring that the system meets the guidelines for x-ray user safety (interlocks checked, x-ray leakage test, etc) with certification provided, this is often critical for state requirements

Instrument Cleaning, Review, and Consultation:
our techinicians will put your analyzer in the best position for long-term performance with a thorough cleaning and review; technicians will point out aspects that can help to extend the life of the measurement device

XRF Service ReviewWe refer to these service visits as 'XRF Certification and Preventative Maintenance' because the visit is designed to insure compliance as well as prepare your facilities XRF analyzer(s) to operate at peak performance until the next services are due.  The 'preventative maintenance' portion of these services will allow our trained and experienced field personal to identify areas of potential concern that, with early identification, will give you the opportunity to limit future problems along with the downtime and costs associated with them.

Accredited services and certification: 
meeting your compliance interests; review our Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025

Service of any XRF age, make, model:
with years of experience we can service most XRF analyzers, from the brand new to the very old

Multiple field technicians: 
if one is not available we have other technicians to meet your deadlines 

Accredited XRF Calibration
Eastern Applied is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025

XRF Service Request

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