Answering the question: What are the benefits of XRF Technology?

X-Ray Fluorescence Information Request

Even users of x-ray fluorescence technology may not realize the full benefits that systems can offer. 


     Versatile Testing Equipment, potentially solving multiple analytic needs with one system

     Lower Initial Cost; compared to other technologies, acquisition costs of most XRF will be lower

     Minimal Upkeep and Operational Costs

     Maximize Profits Through Accuracy;
          Learn More: example of maximized profit with XRF

     Non-Destructive Testing Technology

     Almost Instant Results; depending on the application, results in 5-300 seconds
          Learn More: read how the detection system options can affect speed

     Relatively Simple Technology; most users can learn how to take measurements quickly

Also, some applications that are able to be solved through utilizing x-ray fluorescence as an in-house testing device eliminate the need to send samples to outside laboratories. In these cases, additional benefits are realized by the XRF user...

     Increased Turn-Around and Production Output

     Ability/Option to Test Every Part, complete quality control

     Lowered Long-Term Costs, the ROI of an XRF can be quick in these cases

     No Shipping of Samples; eliminate the hassle and the cost with in-house XRF testing

     Complete Control of Your Quality Control Testing

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