Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification (PMI) by x-ray fluorescence ensures that a materials chemical composition meets it's stated elemental matrix and is a critical quality control tool across many industries.  A proper performing Handheld XRF can be a valuable tool whether used as incoming inspection, in-process review, or a final test before shipping.

XRF for alloy verification allows a facility to:
     -  ensure every part conforms to specificiation
     -  identify the correct alloy grade where a critical part is to be replaced
     -  facilitate incoming inspection to ensure all purchased materials are to specificiation

X-Met 7000 for Material IdentificationThis simple positive material identification system will limit potential mix-ups, costly re-works, and incorrect use of out-of-specification materials.  Alloy verification through Handheld XRF technology can help avoid the failure of critical components that may, in the worst case, lead to a catastrophic failure of process.

Positive Material Identification with Handheld XRFSpecializing in X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) technology, Eastern Applied Research offers a portable solution to alloy verification needs through Oxford Instruments Handheld XRF analyzers - the innovative XMet8000 analyzer.  This newest Handheld XRF analyzer is the smallest and lightest model on the market while still providing a rugged (IP54 rated) series of analyzer that determines an alloy grade in a matter of seconds - by simple point-and-shoot software.

The Oxford X-MET8000 Handheld XRF provides
     -  Quality control and assurance of micro-alloy steels; 
        aluminum and magnesium alloy analysis
     -  Trace and light element analysis (magnesium to sulfur)
     -  Low chromium analysis, FAC inspection
     -  Weld Analysis, with narrow nose for angles spots
     -  Wires down to 1mm diameter can be identified
     -  No expensive and bulky helium or vacuum attachment required
     +  Review additional benefits of Oxford Instruments analyzers

 Handheld XRF Information XMet8000      Positive Material Identification Specialists

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