Quality Control Test Equipment; Coating Thickness and Ultra Thin Films

One of the initial uses of energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) technology was to measure metal finishing thickness for quality control interests.  While the application reach of the technology has grown, the thickness measurement capabilities are still heavily relied on in plating shops, automotive manufacturing, the aerospace markets, and more. 

XRF Sales Contacts and InformationEastern Applied Research is able to offer both new and used XRF analyzers for the broad requirements of coating thickness and compositional analysis - from basic single layer applications to complex multi-layer, thin-film, and compositional quality control requirements. 

Basic metal thickness applications include single layer and some multi-layer applications and users have the added interests of compositional analysis or plating bath analysis.  Facilities with these testing interests will typically want to consider the Hitach FT-110A system for the latest in XRF technology or one of the various used XRF analyzerst that Eastern Applied can offer.  For ultra thin film measurements, organizations will want to consider the Hitachi FT-150, which features poly-capillary optics to achieve accuracies at the thinnest levels and at micro-spot requirements.

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Industry Standard:
ASTM B568, Standard Test Method for Coating Measurements by X-Ray Spectrometry

Additionally, Eastern Applied can offer a complete line of eddy/mag contact gauges are offered for fast and precise measurements of plating thickness and paint over ferrous or non-ferrous base materials.

Application DeFelsko Gauges Hitachi XRF Analyzer
over Non-Ferrous
Positector N Series
(eddy current gauges)
over Ferrous
Positector F Series
(magnetic gauges)
Pre-Treatments n/a FT-110A, X-Strata920
n/a FT-110A, X-Strata920
n/a FT-110A, X-Strata920
Cr/Ni/CuZn n/a FT-110A, X-Strata920
Au/ENi/Pd/Cu n/a FT-110A, X-Strata920
Composition n/a FT-110A, X-Strata920
Ultra Thin Film n/a FT-150
Wafer Fab QC n/a FT-150