Versatile and Precise Laboratory Test Equipment

Eastern Applied Research works with a number of analytical laboratories and their x-ray fluorescence interests.  The major concerns that the lab managers have when reviewing ED-XRF analyzers for laboratory use include consideration of the following:
     -  Versatility of the system, number of applications solved
     -  Efficiency of the analyzer, ie operator free measurements
     -  Analytical Precision

Laboratory XRF SpectrometerDepending on the testing goals, an appropriate ED-XRF allows a laboratory to quickly screen samples to confirm the next analysis that is required or can provide in-depth, quantitative, results.  Benefits of systems from Oxford Instruments and Hitachi High-Technologies include streamlined operation, high precision, and minimal sample preparation while being optimized to reach the lower levels of detection that are required for some analysis.

Versatility of application is the greatest benefit of EDXRF spectrometry.  The ability to analyze liquids, powders, slurries, and solids while providing quantification of samples with varying matrices make the technology a solution for analysis in multiple application fields - pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food contamination, geological testing and plastics/polymers analysis to name a few.

Request XRF Sales DiscussionEastern Applied Research is able to offer high performing ED-XRF analyzers from two analyzer lines, Oxford Instruments and Hitachi High Technologies.  Sales Associates will work with Application Specialists to confirm what is critical to meet a laboratory facilities interests and will often be able to offer multiple systems for consideration.

Oxford Instruments Laboratory Spectrometers      Hitachi High-Tech X-ray Fluorescence
Review More: Analyzers from Both XRF Manufacturers

Increase Laboratory Efficiency with ED-XRF:
          Turret Stage; automatic sample changers
          Multiple Conditions; limit the time between tests

Academic Laboratories will have a different set analyzers to choose from and our team can support your facilities goals with knowledge, experience, and information.