Hitachi HM1000A: Phthalates Screening Equipment

Organizations currently affected by the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives may be affected by the July 2019 revisions that add four phthalates to the list of restricted substances.  These chemicals are widely used for insulated coating materials, electrical insulation tapes, packing films, and more. 

Affected organizations may look to add in-house screening and the Hitachi HM1000A should be considered because of its fast and easy screening capabilities.

Phthalates Screening Equipment by Hitachi

The new Hitachi HM1000A phthalates screening tool

Summary of key benefits of the HM1000A over traditional GC/MS
Higher throughput (~10 minutes vs 30-40 min)
Operation (much easier, more streamlined)
Lower Running Costs (cut 75% in annual costs)

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Expanded Information on Throughput Features 
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High-Speed Measurement: measure at a rate of less than 10 minutes
Vaporized compounds are ionized and directly analyzed by a mass spec enabling high-speed measurements.
Phthalates screening process

Auto-Sampler: continuous anlaysis of 50 samples in 8 hours
The accurate and smooth performance of the auto-sample (comes standard) allows continuous analysis of up to 50 samples.  This drastically reduces an operators time dedicated to phthalates testing.

Simple Operation: from sample preparation to seeing results! 
An operator simply loads the sample pan and positions it in the sample tray.  Simply following the software steps allows them to start measurements.  A diagram of the auto-sampler is displayed so that measurement progress can be reviewed (note the clearly marked pass/fail status)
Simple Operation in Phthalates Testing

Enhanced Functions
- Calibration using data from measurements of alternative plasticizers as a reference
- Simultaneous SIM and SCAN measurements

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"Traditional" RoHS Testing: If your organization is affected by traditional RoHS directives (testing of the primary elements like lead, etc) then the EA-Series by Hitachi High-Tech should be considered. 
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