Hitachi LabX5000: bulk elemental analyzer

Hitachi LabX5000 Bulk Elemental AnalyzerThe Hitachi High-Tech release of the LabX5000 bulk elemental analyzer provides significant updates to what was one of the most reliable elemental analyzers available (the LabX3500).  The durability and longevity remain but users now have more control with a touchscreen interface and improved data management capabilities (pull results to USB, send to the eXtope cloud, etc).  Analyzer performance is also improved because of component advancements and the sample spinner which insures analysis of homogenous samples.

Information follows but contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss your process control challenges and how Hitachi High-Tech bulk analyzers can improve your efficiency!

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Application briefs are available for the majority of testing needs that the LabX5000 can meet - contact Eastern Applied ro request application specific information.  Application briefs include (but aren't limited to) plating bath analysis for metal finishers - sulfur in fuels and petroleum products - wood preservatives analysis - silicone coat weight on paper - plus more!

video showing the innovation and ease of use

video showing the historically durable design

In addition to the Hitachi LabX5000, Eastern Applied offers the LabX3500 and XSupreme8000 to meet a variety of bulk elemental analysis interests...from process control of cement and textile manufacturing, to wood preservatives, and even plating bath analysis for metal finishers.

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