Hitachi EA6000VX: versatile micro-spot analyzer

Hitachi 6000VX XRF Analyzer for RoHS Inspection

The Hitachi High-Technologies line includes several configurations for in-house RoHS inspection but the Hitachi EA6000VX x-ray fluorescence analyzer is considered the premier system for this interest.  The reason?  This model features the high precision capabilities and easy to use software but also offers industry leading mapping functions that further increase laboratory efficiencies.  

Unlike any conventional system, the mapping function and continuous multi-point measurement software enables control of hazardous substances over entire surfaces and measurement of microscopic points at specific areas.

     RoHS Inspection with high precision mapping
Microscopic Area and Ultra Thin Coating Thickness
Elemental analysis, quantification of Phosphorus in Electroless Nickel

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High-Speed XRF MappingHigh count rate detector of 150,000cps at maximum and a large stage that scans up to a 250mm x 200mm area enables high speed mapping.  In 100mm x 100mm area mapping, the EA6000VX detects and locates lead contained in terminals of mounting board in a few moments. 

Vortex Detector; high-speed plus LN2 free: Equipped with the world's best in class, high count rate detector (15x improvement on count rate compared with a conventional model), the EA6000VX improves measurement efficiency.  Additionally, the detector does not require LN2, which results in supporting safety and work efficiency of an operator. Review a Detector Comparison

Continuous Multi-Point Measurements: Up to 500 points can be set and continuously measured.  Measuring large samples and boards, this feature exhibits tremendous throughput

High Precision Overlap Function: Highly precise analysis over a wide area is enabled by the complete overlap of sample image and mapping image by employing a telecentric optic system and high precision XY stage.  Areas that contain target elements are easily identified.  Whole areas of 250mm x 200mm are shown in top view and position precision of zoom in from wide view within 100um.

Mapping for ContaminationSee-Through Mapping Function: Beginning with Pb on internal boards, various mapping images of elements can be obtained without taking apart products with unknown internal structures (ie laptop computers, cell phones).  Various information can be obtained about a samples structure and internal components by comparing mapping images of elements obtained by penetrating x-rays.

Contaminant Analysis: With the high speed mapping function, the EA6000VX is able to detect and locate small metal contaminants sized around tens of micro meters in wide measurement areas (max 250mm x 200mm).  Small or minute amounts of contaminants contained in organic substances including resin can also be detected.
Learn MoreXRF Feature used in counterfeit avoidance and contaminant analysis

Light Element Measurement: With the He purge option, the Hitachi 6000VX is able to measure light elements from Na.  It is a stable and unique system that purges He only during the measurement, which lowers the operating costs.

Auto-Approach and Sample Collision Prevention: The auto-approach function measures the sample height and automatically adjusts the distance between sample and detector so that an operator can easily measure samples with complicated shapes.  In the case of manual operation, sample collision prevention prevents sample damage.

(base model, options noted below)

Description: EA6000VX
Element Range: Atomic Numbers 12 (Mg) to 92 (U)
(down to 11, Na, when using He purge)
Sample State: Solid / Powder / Liquid
X-ray Source: Air Cooled X-ray Tube, W target
Variable voltage (15, 30, 40, 50kV) and current (20-1000uA)
X-ray Configuration: Top-Down Irradiation
Detector: Vortex Si Semiconductor Detector (high speed, no LN2)
Beam Size: Square 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1.2mm, 3mm (auto switch)
Sample Observation: High Resolution CCD Camera (two system)
Filter: Six (6) mode, automatic switching
Chamber: 22.8 x 17.7 x 5.0 (W-D-H, approximate in inches)
both point and mapping for entire 250 x 200 mm (X-Y)
Interface: Desktop computer and LCD monitor
Data Process: Microsoft Excel and Word
Mapping Functions: Align with sample image, area integral spectral display, quantitative integrated function
Qualitative: Spectrum Measurement, Auto-ID, Comparison display
Quantitative: Bulk FP, Bulk CAL, Film FP, Film Cal
  Helium Purge
  Joystick Controller
  Dual Monitor
  Sample Holder
  Sample Setting Film
  HS Easy Software (precision control software)