Handheld XRF Analyzers by Oxford Instruments

X-Met7000 Series of Handheld XRF X-Met8000 Light Element XRF Metal Analyzer
X-Met7500 X-Met8000 Analyzer

Eastern Applied Research is a Regional Distributor of Oxford Instruments handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzer line.  The Oxford Instruments line of portable XRF analyzers has evolved over time with innovative developments that have earned a reputation of high precision/reliability and ease of use. 

The primary system offered is Oxford Instruments innovative X-Met8000 system.  It's predescessor, the X-Met7500, is still available for soil and mining application interests.  Each model is available with different calibration packages that are optimized for a given testing goal but also offer the flexibility to add capabilities as needed.

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X-MET8000 METAL ANALYZER: learn more
Popular Uses: metals analysis with light element interests, highly popular for positive material identification, scrap metal verification, and hazardous substance screening (RoHS). 
General Overview: the X-Met8000 is the newest handheld XRF to market and marks another evolution in portable XRF.  Lighter, smaller, and more rugged than other systems, the design and performance will make it an industry leader in any application category.

X-MET 7500: learn more
Popular uses: mining applications, soil/environmental testing, and archeological testing interests. 
General Overview: The X-Met7500 is available for a specific application group because the overall component configuration and software is currently best suited to meet those interests.  A rugged system with a Silicon Drift Detector and 45kV x-ray tube result in accurate and reliable measurements.

Handheld XRF Analyzer InformationMAJOR BENEFIT OF X-MET HANDHELD XRF: Oxford Instruments X-Met analyzers provides out-of-the-box precision with streamlined software navigation and the most impressive data management functions in the handheld XRF market.  Contact Eastern Applied to learn more about the best X-Met configuration to meet your testing goals.

Oxford Handheld XRF Benefits:
-  Simple Operation, minimal user training required
-  Icon Driven Interface, largest color touchscreen on the market
-  Long Battery Life, up to 10-12 hours on a single charge
-  Simple and Secure, total report flexibility and data download options
-  The X-Met8000 is lighter, smaller, and more rugged than other metal analyzers
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Oxford XRF Applications

Alloy Analysis Applications:
       - Positive Material Identification (PMI); critical tool for quality control and process control
       - Scrap Metal Identification; commonly used for fast and accurate metal sorting

Minerals and Mining; instant, on-site ore exploration, mine mapping, excavation, and grade control

Soil Screening; environmental soil testing, determination of toxic elements and pollutants

RoHS Compliance Screening; determine Cr, Pb, Hg, Br, and Cd per IEC method 62321

Home Inspection; lead in paint analysis

Consumer Goods Testing; non-destructive screening for Lead (Pb) and other restricted elements

Treated Wood Screening; identify wood treated with hazardous substances such as CCA in seconds