Analysis of Lubricating Oils by Xray Fluorescence Spectrometry

X-ray fluorescence technology provides critical information throughout the life of lubricating oils that are essential to maintaining engine and machine performance.  The primary function of these oils is to reduce the friction on engine components, thereby extending the machines life while maximizing its performance.  XRF technology can be applied during the manufacturing process and after oils are in use to identify critical marks to insure performance.

Before its use: An appropriate XRF analyzer can be used during the manufacturing of these lubrication oils to ensure that proper concentrations of critical elements (calcium, zinc, phosphorous, etc) are combined with the base oil.  Accurate knowledge of the quantities added is critical to insuring the final properties of the oil meet expectations.

Lubrication Oil Analysis EquipmentAfter the oils are in use, they will collect a variety of metals from the engines components.  These metals may include iron, nickel, copper, etc and by routinely measuring for them with XRF, a user can make determinations on how the components of a machine are wearing.  Overall lower operational/maintenance costs are achieved by determining engine wear through XRF analysis of metal concentrations because it enables extended time between routine maintenance and can limit in-service failures of a machine.

The benefits of x-ray fluorescence are clear in the analysis of lubricating oils.  The technology provides a fast and nondestructive analysis method with no sample preparation or weighing of oils.  Plus, the technology is simple in its operation so that advanced scientific knowledge is not required of operators to obtain the critical concentration data.

X-Supreme8000 for oil analysis

Eastern Applied Research is pleased to the X-Supreme8000 from Oxford Instruments for this interest.  In addition to a high level of operational performance, this system offers a spill proof design, simple software operations, and multiple analysis chamber option.