Eastern Applied is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025

Eastern Applied Research is dedicated to maintaining our Accreditation to ISO/IEC17025.

Our documents can be found here:
          Scope and Certificate of Accreditation

Some of our clients may know Eastern Applied for our XRF Sales Team or the repair services that we provide; but a critical component of our organization is providing accredited certification services.  By maintaining accreditation through a respected organization such as the National Accreditation Board (ANAB) we are able to provide an additional benefit to our clients.

While many of our service clients know that "independent technicians" are available; they realize that working with an accredited support organization like Eastern Applied means they will receive professional support and can meet their quality requirements because of our accredited certifications.

Laboratory Accreditation XRF ServicesISO/IEC 17025 is the current international standard of excellence in the field of instrument and standards calibration.  Eastern Applied's accreditation to this standard means that we have successfully complied to the most stringent requirements placed on our industry.  We maintain strict, written procedures that detail the way in which we conduct our services in the field and in our headquarter facility.  All this is done to ensure the most accurate, dependable and consistent service for our clients.

This is accomplished through an independent accreditation body (ANAB, National Accreditation Board) which reviews our records against the current standard to evaluate our compliance to that standard.  The standard itself calls for periodic internal and independent audits to ensure compliance.  All procedures must be written and reviewed with all applicable staff to ensure that any changes to our quality system have been communicated to all affected staff. This ensures the most recent procedures and processes are being employed in the service of our clients. Due to the extensive audit process, we are constantly checking our standards and procedures to ensure that quality work is produced each and every day of operation. In periodic external proficiency testing, we also ensure the quality and accuracy of the equipment we use in calibration and certification of client's work.

Contact Eastern Applied XRF Service DeptPlease contact Eastern Applied Research directly if you have additional questions or require additional information relating to our accreditation.