XRF Standards: Private Label Services

As an XRF manufacturer and/or sales organization, you realize the need for high quality reference standards to optimize the performance of most x-ray fluorescence analyzers.  Through our private label programs, Eastern Applied Research provides the opportunity to have your organization listed on the certified reference material that you provide to your clients.

Our in-house XRF standards laboratory will provide confidential services for you that can help increase your brand recognition.  Please contact our laboratory associates to discuss the various options available for private label services and gain access to the wide array of reference standards that we produce.  Our in-house laboratory is able to private label a wide range of reference materials for XRF analyzers - including coating thickness standards, alloy standards, and many other applications.  We can also private label shims for eddy-mag thickness gauges.  When applicable, reference standards are NIST Traceable and certified to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

XRF Standards Laboratory Services ContactIf your clients are going to utilize reference standards, then position your organization as the provider of those materials.  Contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss available programs - we look forward to partnering with you as a trusted source of private label certified reference materials.

Eastern Applied Research private label program for reference standards
can include cases, foil XRF standards, and plated XRF standards with customized branding.

Foil XRF Standards Plated XRF Standards Customized
XRF Standards Case

LAB Accredited Laboratory Services
Eastern Applied Research maintains accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025
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