Complete XRF Service, Standards, and Support

XRF Service Contact Info
Details follow (linked below) about the services and support that Eastern Applied Research can provide.  Contact us for a discussion.

     -  XRF Analyzer Services: 
        on-site services include calibration, repairs, training and more by our experienced technical staff

     -  XRF Standards Laboratory: 
        our in-house XRF reference standards laboratory can certify and manufacture XRF standards

     -  General Company Overview:
        specialists in x-ray fluorescence offering experienced and knowledgeable support for all models

XRF Service Standards
For over twenty years, Eastern Applied Research has focused on providing complete service and support for users of XRF Technology.  Each of our field service associates has over ten years of experience providing on-site certification, training, and repair services for a wide range of XRF analyzers while our in-house technicians provide knowledgeable consulation and application support. 

Eastern Applied Research also operates an in-house XRF reference standards laboratory. 
We do not outsource your XRF reference standard needs - you will speak with the actual laboratory technician that will certify your current XRF standards or that will manufacture new reference standards for your XRF analyzer.

LAB Accredited XRF Services 
Eastern Applied Research maintains accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025
Learn about what that means for you