X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Applications

XRF Application SupportEnergy Dispersive XRF Spectrometery offers a nondestructive and economical testing solution for a variety of application needs.  Some of the more common applications of interest are noted below and Eastern Applied's Application Specialists are available to discuss your specific testing interest and the options best suited to solve them.

Quality Control of Coating Thickness and Thin Films
          Coating Thickness Measurements
               single-layer, multi-layer, composition, ultra thin film analysis, plating bath analysis
          Ultra Thin Film Measurements Focus
          Gauges for Plating Thickness; eddy/mag thickness gauges
               anodized platings, paint thickness, metals on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates

Electronics and Electronic Component Applications
          RoHS Screening, electronics compliance
          NEW: Phthalates Testing Equipment by Hitachi High-Tech
          Counterfeit Components Detection (SAE Standard AS6171/3)
               (many XRF have additional capabilities, i.e. coating thickness)

Analytical Laboratory Equipment
          X-ray fluorescence analyzers for both industrial and academic laboratory interests

Industrial Process Control
          Cement Analysis
          Wood Preservatives Analysis
          Fuel Analysis Interests; sulfur (ASTM D4294), chlorine, etc
          Wear Metals in Lubrication Oils
          Silicone on Paper
          Textiles and Fabric Testing Interests

Alloy Analysis / Metals Testing
          Positive Material Identification (PMI)
                    XRF for Weld Analysis
          Scrap Metal Recycling
          Precious Metal Assay (gold testing) 

Geological / Environmental / Mining Related
          Mining Applications; ore grade analysis
          Oxide Analysis in Geological Samples
          Limestone Purity Analysis
          Soil Testing Interests; EPA 6200, site remediation

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