Used XRF Analyzers: Limit Your Expense and Solve Testing Needs

Eastern Applied Research has been involved in x-ray fluorescence sales and service for over twenty (20) years.  Since the beginning, our associates have realized that new x-ray fluorescence may not always be in the budget for clients.  For those looking to "add XRF capabilities within budget" , we work to provide reconditioned analyzers whenever possible.

Used Xray Fluorescence List     Used XRF Analyzer Sales Information

BENEFITS of Used XRF systems through Eastern Applied Research:
Confidence: associates do not approve systems for resale until they meet specific requirements

Experience: only technicians with over twenty years in XRF are allowed to prepare these systems

Reputation: we have built a reputation for providing reliable solutions

-  Support: know who you are purchasing from, we can offer training and long-term support services

Warranty: most used x-ray fluorescence analyzers have warranties, or options provided

Budget: always a top requirement of organizations, used XRF can help

Application Versatility: access to a wide range of analyzer brands for many applications
          Common Brands: Seiko XRF, CMI / Oxford, Veeco XRF, Xenemetrix, Fischer XRF, etc
          Applicationscoating thickness measurements, gold testing, RoHS testing, etc

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Used Xray Fluorescence List