Application Brief: Ultra Low Sulfur Analysis

Sulfur Periodic Table of ElementsEastern Applied Research presents Oxford Instruments X-Supreme8000 for the determination of ultra-low sulfur in automotive fuels and sulfur in petroleum products. 
Instrument Package: X-Supreme8000, XSP-Sulfur
Complies with ASTM D4294, ISO20847, ISO8754, and ISO13032

Quality control laboratories in refineries and testing houses have long used Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometers (ie Oxford Instruments LabX3500 and XSupreme8000) to analyze fuels.  The excellent performance, versatility, ease-of-use, speed, and cost-effectiveness of this technique make the ED-XRF spectrometer the analytical tool of choice for fuel analysis - from lower detection limits to high concentration levels.

Environmental and public health issues are forcing continual changes in the use and composition of fuel for transportation or other usage (ie. burner fuel).  For example, the International Maritime Organization has developed the MARPOL Annex VI regulation to reduce air pollution from ships through regulating emissions such as sulfur oxides (SOx).  Since 2005, the global sulfur level in marine fuel is capped at 4.5% and 1.0% in designated SOx emission control areas (such as Baltic and North Sea).

Automotive fuels also follow stringent regulations and many countries already produce ultra-low sulfur (<10 or 15 mg/kg sulfur) automotive fuels.  In recent years, policies on renewable energy have encouraged the production of bio-fuels (such as ethanol and bio-diesel blends), which also have to meet fuel specifications.  The recently introduced 13032 specification (April 2012) titled "determination of low concentration of sulfur in automotive fuels" now gives a recognized test method for the measurement at these ultra low sulfur levels.

Adding to its successful range of bench-top ED-XRF spectrometers for fuel analysis, Oxford Instruments now offers a high performance ED-XRF spectrometer that successfully performs all sulfur analysis required in the petroleum industry, the X-Supreme8000.  The X-Supreme8000 is the perfect analyzer for rapid sulfur determination from part-per-million (ppm) to high percent levels in all fuel types.

X-Supreme8000 for Sulfur Testing per ASTM D4294

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