X-Ray Fluorescence with Silicon Drift Detector Released

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BUFFALO, NY - As an authorized distributor of Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corp, Eastern Applied Research Inc is pleased to announce the release of a new configuration of the popular XStrata920 x-ray fluorescence analyzer.  The major adjustment is that the XStrata920 will now be offered with a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) option in addition to the former proportional counter detector.

A primary reason the demand for silicon drift detector (SDD) options in x-ray fluorescence analyzers built for coating thickness measurements relates to the requirements relating to the popular ENIG and ENEPIG coating applications.  These coatings, featuring Electroless Nickel and thin gold layers, have specific requirements in IPC standards (IPC4552A and IPC4556) for the use of x-ray fluorescence in quality control.  While guard bands can allow for proportional counter XRF's to meet the testing requirements, silicon drift based analyzers will meet requirements without those guard bands.

In general, SDD based analyzers will provide a higher resolution which results in more accuracy on thin coating layers like gold, etc.  This can help to improve long-term profits by limiting excess plating or issues that can arise from under plating.

The popular XStrata920 was a mainstay in the Oxford Instruments product line, which Hitachi acquired in 2017.  In order to meet the market demand for a lower price point XRF featuring SDD technology, the Hitachi development team worked on adjusting the base model of the XStrata920 instead of adding a totally new system.  This approach allows for a lower priced system because the XStrata920 is manufactured in mass for other uses where proportional counter detectors are appropriate.  The XStrata920 also has four chamber configurations to fit small samples to large circuit boards and everything in between - so the various options make this one of the more versatile XRF designs.

Contact Eastern Applied Research Inc to discuss this XRF with silicon drift detector (SDD) technology or any x-ray fluorescence related questions.  In addition to the new Hitachi XStrata920, Eastern Applied offers the full line of Hitachi x-ray fluorescence analyzers for coating thickness measurements and elemental analysis.  Eastern Applied is also Accredited to ISO/IEC17025 and provides full XRF service and calibration standards support.

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