Hitachi XRF Analyzer Options for Coating Thickness Measurements

Coating Thickness XRF SalesEastern Applied Research offers the Hitachi High-Technologies line of x-ray fluorescence analyzers, which includes the popular FT-110A for coating thickness quality control.  The Hitachi FT-110A is a versatile system that can provide high precision for basic single layer coatings to more complex applications (multi-layer, alloy thickness, and composition, etc).  In addition to the latest developments in XRF for coating thickness, we also have a rotating inventory of Used XRF analyzers along with Eddy-Current/Magnetic contact gauges.

Hitachi High-Technologies FT110A
- four chamber configurations to meet various sample interests
- highly efficient: auto-focus function for improved through-put
- reliable precision: distance correction through auto-focus
- innovative: wide view observation to narrow field image
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XRF Analyzer for Ultra Thin MeasurementsULTRA THIN FILM MEASUREMENTS:
Hitachi High-Technologies FT150 series
- micro-spot measurement capability: through poly-capillary optics
- high throughput: even complex applications (ie Au/Pd/Ni/Cu)
- ultra thin capabilities: built for ultra thin Au and Sn applications
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DeFelsko Coating Thickness GaugesIn addition to x-ray fluorescence analyzers, Eastern Applied Research is able to offer the DeFelsko Positector line of coating thickness gauges for fast and precise thickness checks.  These effective gauges are used to measure the thickness of paint, powder coatings, anodized coatings, Zinc over Nickel, etc.  Gauges are offered for very specific needs or multi-purpose interests.  
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common applications and industries:

Electronic: increase productivity with better process control
     - analysis of gold and palladium thickness of electrical contacts, for example Au/Ni/Cu
     - measurement of solderability on printed circuit boards, such as Ag/Cu/Epoxy

Metal Finishing: minimize production cost of the plating process...and maximize production
     - comply with ASTM B-568, test method on measurement of coating thickness
     - multi-sample and multi-point analysis
     - single or multi-layer thickness measurements
     - plating bath analysis
     - critical applications in aerospace and automotive quality control

Precious Metals Assay / Metal Alloys: rapid, non-destructive analysis of jewelry and other alloys
     - gold analysis, determination of karat and other metal constituents
     - general precious metal alloy assay

Compliance Testing: insure products confirm to specifications
     - determination of hazardous substances, from PPM to high percentage levels
     - quantification of toxic elements, i.e. Cd, Hg, Pb to verify compliance
     - RoHS screening of electronic components and finished boards
     - high reliability testing for aerospace, positive identification of leaded solder

Alternative Energy: insure product efficiency and uniformity
     - thin film photovoltaic cells, composition analysis of thin-film absorber layer (i.e. CIGS)
     - optimized electrical conductivity through layer thickness analysis