Measure Coating Thickness with Oxford Instruments XRF

The Oxford Instrument XRF line offers equipment for coating thickness measurement and related analysis needs that will improve the quality control and production processes.  The culmination of years of knowledge and experience in the coatings industry, this line provides a field proven technology that is highlighted by simple operation and streamlined software functions.

A variety of configurations offer many benefits to their users:
- high performance, accuracy, and long-term stability
- a variety of chamber designs with stage options (programmable XY, etc)
- simple calibration set-up with both empirical and fundamental parameters (FP) methods
- application versatility, coating thickness plus bath analysis, composition, RoHS screening

Oxford Instruments X-Strata 920 Xray FluorescenceX-Strata 920: cost effective, versatile design, reliable performance
- new, modern, design with multiple chamber options
- rapid measurement capabilities (seconds) for one to four layers
- chamber options: standard base, mini-well (taller), and programmable XY table
- "slotted chamber" measure large area samples (i.e. circuit boards, flat sheets, etc)
- review X-Strata 920 specifications and download literature


Oxford Instruments Maxxi Series for Coating ThicknessEco Series of XRF: efficient analyzers for basic coating thickness applications
- two models offer a compact footprint with spacious interior
- cost efficient single collimator design and proportional counter (optional Si-PIN)
- options for XY stage movement (non-programmable)
- great for basic coating thickness measurements and plating bath analysis
- review the details of Oxford Instruments' Eco Series of XRF


Large Chamber X-ray FluorescenceMaxxi-5: larger chambers. slotted design, versatility
- increased interior chamber size for metal finishing quality control
- XY stage movement (motorized and non) with largest Z available
- versatility in applications; from basic single layer to complex multi-layer and more
- two detector systems available; proportional counter and Si-PIN Diode
- review the Maxxi-5 for plating quality control