Micro-Spot XRF Analyzer Now Offered by Eastern Applied Research

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Buffalo, NY – Recently named as an Authorized Distributor of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation, Eastern Applied Research is pleased to now offer an XRF analyzer developed for ultra thin film measurements and micro-spot analysis needs - the Hitachi FT-150 series.  Among other applications, this industry leading ED-XRF analyzer is relied upon in printed circuit board quality control and process control in semiconductor wafer fabrication.

Advancements in electronics devices have resulted in the miniaturization of semiconductors, passive components, and electronic components.  Highly accurate and efficient measurement of plating thickness and composition at micro-spots of less than 100 micrometers in diameter is required in order to maintain consistent performance and quality, as well as to reduce costs of these components.  The Hitachi FT-150 provides industry leading performance by combining high quality components and optimized geometry.

A primary component of the Hitachi FT-150 is its newly developed poly-capillary optics, which work like a convex lens to focus x-rays onto a micro-spot through several thousands of glass capillary tubes.  The Vortex™ silicon drift detector offers improved detector technology over previous configurations and results in greater resolution capabilities with increased measurement speeds.  Additional advancements that separate the Hitachi FT-150 from other ED-XRF systems include its re-designed software package, which improves operator efficiencies through an app-based interface and automatic data recording functions.

The Hitachi FT-150 features combine to provide an analyzer that achieves rapid measurement with high accuracy, resulting in higher efficiency and reducing inspection costs.  “Many of our clients are fans of the previous configuration of the Hitachi FT-150 (SFT-9500X) because of its high precision and repeatability when measuring difficult, ultra thin, applications," notes Shawn Kramer, CEO of Eastern Applied Research, Inc.  “We are excited to present this even higher performing analyzer to those organizations and new contacts that require the best in ED-XRF performance".

In addition to sales/support of the Hitachi High-Tech line of ED-XRF analyzers, Eastern Applied provides support services for most XRF models including certified reference materials (CRM's) from an Accredited in-house XRF standards laboratory.  Review Hitachi FT150 analyzer specifications.

Micro-Spot XRF Analyzer, Hitachi FT150