Hitachi High-Technologies XRF: for elemental analysis

XRF Sales Contact RequestHitachi High-Technologies evolved from a tradition of high precision x-ray fluorescence analyzers for elemental analysis (Seiko XRF).  A primary application of the line is RoHS inspection because of industry leading options like precise mapping functions and automatic material identification (see 6000VX, 1200VX, or 1000A-III).  The unique EA8000 combines transmission x-ray and ED-XRF to perform failure analysis of raw materials used in Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) manufacturing.  

The goal of Hitachi High-Technologies is to offer simple to operate x-ray fluorescence analyzers that can increase laboratory through-put and efficiencies with the highest precision.  Analyzers offered:

Hazardous Inspection Equipment Hitachi 6000VXULTIMATE RoHS INSPECTION AND COATING THICKNESS:
Hitachi High-Technologies EA6000VX
- high speed mapping with entire surface analysis capabilities
- continuous multi-point measurements: up to 500 points, user free
- multi-application: RoHS inspection and microscopic coating thickness
- more features: contaminent analysis, see thru mapping, and more
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Xray Fluorescence for Elemental AnalysisHIGH SENSITIVITY ELEMENTAL ANALYZER (RoHS, and more):
Hitachi High-Technologies EA1200VX
phenominal high speed analysis: increases laboratory efficiency
new uni-filter: for even faster RoHS results (option)
wide application range: from Na to U and sensitive analysis of Cl
- sample change (option): operator free testing
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Hitachi High-Technologies EA1000VX and EA1000A-III
- improves upon the previous, popular, editions
- precision control software: simple and elimiates operator mistakes
auto-classification: improved process, auto selects material
- for added speed: 1000VX, same benefits with Vortex detector
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Hitachi EA8000 Particle Contamination AnalysisUNIQUE RAW MATERIAL ANALYZER:
Hitachi High-Technologies EA8000

- combines ED-XRF with transmission x-ray technology
- highest efficiency because of technology combination
- rapid detection of metal particles in process control
20um particles identified in moments
- developed for lithium battery raw material testing
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