X-Met8000 Series Sample Report

While reliability and precision are important to all users of x-ray fluorescence technology, the reporting functions are just as important to many organizations.  The ability to quickly process data and develop meaningful reports is a primary benefit of the X-Met8000 series of handheld XRF from Oxford Instruments. 

A user of any of the X-Met8000 series analyzers can quickly transfer data to a PC through a USB memory stick or cable connection or push it through BlueTooth or Wi-Fi in order to develop customized reports in a secure PDF format for ultimate data security.  This benefits users from general positive material identification (PMI) or industrial quality control to mining or environmental testing.

The follow sample XRF report, from a PMI use, shows the areas that can be included in a report:

Sample Report from Handheld XRF Analyzer
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Notes on above report:
Item 9, Camera Image: is available as an option on some X-Met8000 configurations.  This is commonly added by organizations using the analyzer for the detection of hazardous substances (RoHS, Prop-65) to pinpoint areas on components or circuit boards.

Item 7, GPS Coordinates: a critical function for mining and environmental testing applications.