Handheld XRF Rental Information

Handheld XRF Rental PriceEastern Applied is pleased to offer flexible rental plans for handheld XRF analyzers for when organizations have a short term testing need, are working with a limited budget for XRF analysis, or simply want to see how the technology may fit into their quality control flow before making a long-term investment.

Standard rental plans are offered for one day, one week, or one month but customized plans can also be developed.  Handheld XRF analyzers are ready to use 'out of the box' for a wide range of portable testing needs - RoHS testing, soil remediation, alloy verification, and more.


Signed Agreement: we will provide the rental agreement for the specified time period and simply require that it be signed and returned along with a purchase order and shipping info.

Payment/Purchase Order: Most XRF rentals will be billed at Net 30 after the unit is returned in good working condition.

Delivery Time: we make every effort to have Handheld XRF analyzers available so that many applications can be filled quickly but early notice will allow our staff to insure a system will be available for a specific testing requirement when it is needed.  The XRF rental period begins the day of delivery so that no usage time is lost to shipping.

Training Services: renters will have the option of on-site training, web-cam training, or phone/email support.

Credit to Purchase: rentals will often highlight a need for permanent XRF analysis, Eastern Applied will often be able to offer credit of rental fees towards the purchase of a system.

A primary reason to rent through Eastern Applied Research is that we supply analyzers from the respected Oxford Instruments X-Met 7000 series of handheld x-ray fluorescence.  The line is known for offering top performance across a range of application fields and features an intuitive software package that allows renters to quickly understand how to take a measurement, and process the data, so that rental time is not lost to a learning curve.  

In addition to the analyzer itself, Eastern Applied Research provides knowledgeable support for XRF technology.  Our organization has a single technological focus - x-ray fluorescence.  While some organizations rent many different technologies, our organization specializes in XRF.  This means that the staff you work with before, during, and after the rental period will offer experienced and informative support.

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