Eastern Applied News

Free Webinar Offered by Hitachi and Products Finishing Mag

  • webinar with ideas to grow a metal finishing business... more

X-Ray Fluorescence with Silicon Drift Detector Released

  • Hitachi releases the XStrata920 XRF with silicon drift detector (SDD) technology.... more

Eastern Applied to Continue as Hitachi XRF Distributor

  • Eastern Applied continues as distributor of Hitachi x-ray fluorescence... more

Hitachi Spectrophotometer Sales Announcement

  • Both Fluorescence and UV/Vis Spectrophotometers are now available through Eastern Applied Research... more

Hitachi High-Tech Opens California Facility

  • A new facility will cover the full range of analytical equipment by Hitachi, including XRF.... more

Hitachi Acquires Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis Business

  • Hitachi acquires Oxford Instruments industrial analysis line, including xray fluorescence... more

Hitachi FT150 Micro-XRF Added at Eastern Applied Research Inc.

  • Micro-spot analysis capabilities added at Eastern Applied... more

DeFelsko Gauges Now Offered by Eastern Applied Research

  • Defelsko coating thickness gauges now available through Eastern Applied Research. These popular contact gauges quickly measure plating thickness... more

Micro-Spot XRF Analyzer Now Offered by Eastern Applied Research

  • Hitachi FT-150 XRF Sales Announcement; micro-xray fluorescence capabilities through poly-capillary optics... more

Innovative Hitachi High-Technologies XRF Now Available

  • Eastern Applied has added Hitachi XRF to available analyzer options... more

Oxford Instruments Adds New LIBS Technology Configuration

  • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers are added by Oxford Instruments, featuring two Portable LIBS analyzers.... more

New Contact Gauges Released for Thickness Measurements

  • Plating thickness gauge news; dual gauge probes offered for magnetic and eddy-current requirements... more

New Configurations of Popular Handheld XRF, Xmet8000, Released

  • New configurations of the popular metal testing XRF released... more

Oxford Instruments Releases Two XRF Analyzer Options for Hazardous Substance Testing

  • two new XRF Analyzers for in-house RoHS testing needs... more

Metals Analyzer Equipment Distribution Announcement

  • New Technologies offered for alloy testing includes Handheld XRay Fluorescence, Portable Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, and Optical Emission Spectroscopy.... more

Innovation in Handheld XRF: Oxford Inst Releases New XMet8000

  • A new alloy analyzer has been released by Oxford Instruments, the XMet8000 is introduced!... more

Handheld XRF Designed Specifically for Mining and Soil Testing

  • Optimized Handheld XRF for Mining and Soil Testing... more

Oxford Instruments Acquires Manufacturer of Element Xr

  • Great innovation ahead...... more

XRF Roadshows: Demonstration Events in 2014

  • XRF demo opportunities throughout the United States... more

Ag on PZT Ceramics Quality Control Application Report

  • Overview of a new application report by Oxford Instruments... more

Carbon Analysis with X-ray Fluorescence

  • Carbon analysis capabilities are announced by XRF manufacturer, Xenemetrix.... more

Camera Added to Handheld XRF from Oxford Instruments

  • A new Handheld XRF model, the XMet Series, from Oxford Instruments includes a camera for quick sample alignment of small components and precise measurement spots.... more

New XRF Solves Petro-Marine Test Need

  • Portable x-ray fluorescence options offer on-board petroleum analysis for real-time measurements... more

Oxford Instruments Releases Fastest Handheld XRF

  • Oxford Instruments new XMet7000 series offers increased speed in alloy analysis!... more

News Release: Oxford Handheld XRF Distribution Agreement

  • Eastern Applied adds Oxford Handheld XRF to analyzer mix... more

Coating Thickness and More from New Xray Fluorescence Analyzer

  • Coating thickness? Material Analysis? Now possible from one XRF analyzer...... more

New Xray Fluorescence Analyzer for RoHS Testing in Development

  • Joint Venture between Xenemetrix and Eastern Applied Research... more

Xenemetrix Announces Detector Upgrade to Lab Spectrometers

  • Multiple improvements are achievable for current users of Xenemetrix Lab Spectrometers... more

Xenemetrix Signs Agreement with Eastern Applied Research in USA

  • Leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence selects... more

New X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Released for Coating Thickness Testing

  • The newest line of x-ray fluorescence equipment, Element Xr, is released by Eastern Applied... more

Exclusive Service Company of Roentgenanalytik XRF Analyzers

  • Eastern Applied has been announced as the exclusive service company for German XRF manufacturer Roentgenanalytik... more

Eastern Applied Research Website Launched

  • A leading XRF Service, Support and Solutions provider will launch a new website to offer more frequent updates on applications of interest and x-ray fluorescence technology.... more