Precise Coating Thickness by X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Coating Thickness XRF Analyzer for PCB Testing

An excellent example of XRF Technology in use for coating thickness applications, the Element Xr M6 is a customizable system that essentially allows an end-user to build the machine they require and obtain the best price-to-performance ratio.  The system comes standard with a hi-resolution Si-PIN detection system, which provides optimum performance for the most difficult coating applications - but that can be optioned into a lower cost Proportional Counter Detector for when only basic coating measurements are required.  Additional options include collimator packages, x-ray tube design (W or Be targets), sample positioning, and more.


While the Element Xr line offers the CE-P analyzer with a proportional counter detection system, 
the benefits that the M6 chamber design provides may make it the best fit for a clients interest.
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If you are not certain what options are best for you, just contact Eastern Applied Research.  Our Application Specialists have over twenty years of experience in solving coating thickness needs and will listen to your application needs and what is critical to your investment in XRF technology - then suggest various packages for you to choose from.

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MAJOR BENEFITS:  this Element Xr system meets a variety of coating thickness measurement needs and can be designed for a specific that you can work within a budget and not have to pay for uneccesary features.


X-ray Tube:

mini-focus, tungsten target (optional beryllium target available)

X-ray Source:

60 Watt, 25-50kV, 1.2mA HV generator

Detection System:

Si-PIN Diode (options are available based on application)


single 0.33mm or 0.5mm included (contact for additional packages)

Collimator Changer:

two options of four position collimator changers

Sample Stage:

motorized movement approximately 11.8"X - 9.8"Y

Z-Axis Movement:

7" maximum travel

Sample Positioning:

joy stick, point and shoot, auto-focus, optional laser

Camera System:

color camera with cross-hairs, pic in pic


dual mag to 40x/80x

Power Supply: 

standard 110v, optional 220v 

Exterior Dimensions: 

25.6" x 25.2" x 30" (H x W x D) 

Usable Interior:

6.7" to 10.6" x 21.2" x 20" (H x W X D) 

Element Xr Analyzers operate through Windows 7 for simple report generation and data review.  The standard software package will include system parameters, thickness package, qualitative and fundametnal parameters functions.  Additional software is available for plating bath / solution analysis, advanced report generation and composition analysis.  Schedule a consultation with Eastern Applied's technical staff to discuss what software is required to meet your coating thickness measurement interests.

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