New XRF Blog, New XRF Website and…new XRF Analyzers

Hi!  This is the first blog from Eastern Applied Research’s new blog.  The reason we have a new blog (if you remember the old one) is that this is a new website as well!  It’s an exciting time here because in addition to a new blog and website we are also ready to release a new line of XRF Analyzers – Element Xr.  More on that later.

Regarding this blog, we will be re-posting some of our old sites blog entries that were helpful to people interested in x-ray fluorescence technology.  The focus will be to educate visitors on the technology of XRF and the benefits provided for various applications.  This new website will also enable us to provide more updates in a format that will be easier to navigate and learn from.  We hope you agree and encourage feedback on information that you would like to see focused on.

Visit Booth 3522 for XRF

Visit Booth 3522 for XRF

On the topic of all these new things at Eastern Applied Research – we are very excited about the line of Element Xr analyzers that will be unveiled at Pittcon 2011.  The line has been developed to provide a competitive price-to-performance ratio for coating thickness measurement needs and material analysis.  If you are reading this before the March 13-18 event (in Atlanta, GA) we encourage you to visit Booth 3522 to speak with our Application Specialist and review one of the new analyzers.  Additional information on all of that will be available soon – at the new website.

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