Knowing State Regulations Relating to XRF Analyzers

XRF Radiation State GuidelinesRecently, an organization in Oregon purchased an XRF analyzer for their coating thickness measurement requirements.  When discussing the details of the purchase, the Eastern Applied representative working with the client was asked about our x-ray vendor license for the state.  Several years ago we did submit an application and were approved for work relating to industrial x-ray machines within that state.  The permitted work includes calibration/repair of analyzers and accepts us as a distributor of XRF Spectrometers in the state.

Many states require that an accredited service company is performing the work (Eastern Applied is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025) and sometimes, as was the case with Oregon, that the service company is required to be registered with the state.  Since Eastern Applied specializes in sales and service of x-ray fluorescence we are licensed with the majority of states to provide instruments and services.

XRF-State-RegulationsIn addition to the vendor or service provider being licensed with a state, the users of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) should be aware of the individual state laws relating to the systems and what licensing may be required of them as owners.  Many users simply consider the Federal laws that may have to be followed but individual state laws are often more critical in terms of registering a system for use within a state.

Most states require:
– Registration of the analyzer with the state (sometimes with a small fee)
– Documented Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
– Dosimetry badges be utilized and maintained
– Radiation Protection Program be in place and followed
– Safety radiation training be performed for all operators, with certification of completion
– Annual XRF Analyzer Certification; includes calibration and safety radiation surveys be performed at designated intervals – with proof of services being appropriately submitted.

Eastern Applied can provide contact information for each state – so contact one of our technical advisors if you are adding a system, have had an XRF Analyzer for a while but don’t know if you are licensed or if you want to make sure you are working with a service provider that is licensed for your state.

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