Trade-In Values of Older XRF Analyzers: Four Factors

The analogies of owning an XRF analyzer and a car are endless…one similarity is when it’s time to replace an older model. That older model may still have some value that can be seen in a “trade-in” which will reduce your out of pocket towards a newer model. But what makes one x-ray fluorescence analyzer see a larger trade-in value than another?

Eastern Applied is one XRF sales company that provides a trade-in credit for most systems, regardless of age.  Plus, credit can be applied to both new and used x-ray fluorescence analyzers (as opposed to just new systems).  However, there are some aspects of older analyzers, and how they are cared for, that will get your organization a higher trade-in value than others.

4 Factors to Determine XRF Trade-In Values:

Working or Not? _ an obvious starting point…if your system is not working, or aspects of it aren’t working (ie experiencing stability issues or inaccurate readings), then expect to see a minimum trade-in value offered.  So, rather than wait for the next big repair or problem to occur, it’s suggested to look into your options sooner than later in order to maximize the value – and minimize your out of pocket for a replacement system.

Internal Condition _ we say all the time that XRF analyzers need to be kept in good working environments to maintain their performance – this also helps to maintain their value.  Poor environments can lead to dirt, dust, and rust that compromises components, performance…and the value of the analyzer.

Age of Components _ more important than the systems age is the age of the major components.  If you had an x-ray tube replaced a year ago then that will generate a higher trade-in value than if the unit has the original tube…so have records available.

Computer/Software _ if you have an issue with the analyzers interface, then you will likely see an automatic decrease in value as some of these issues will limit the ability to confirm other aspects of the system and may hinder an analyzers operation.  This is especially true for units with built-in interfaces.

So, keeping your current XRF Analyzer maintained properly will let you get the most out of it while it’s in use – and when it’s time to upgrade.  Contact Eastern Applied with any questions or to discuss the potential trade-in value of your current analyzer.

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