Advancements in RoHS Test Equipment

When RoHS compliance testing first became a concern for North American organizations, in the early 2000’s, Eastern Applied Research was a distributor of the Seiko Nano-Technology line of x-ray fluorescence.  One of the fairly unique analyzers in that line was the Seiko SEA-1000A – a desktop XRF spectrometer designed specifically for RoHS testing and providing a number of features that made it highly efficient…which, in turn, made it highly popular at that time.

Since those initial years of RoHS testing concerns, Seiko has become Hitachi High-Technologies and the popular 1000A XRF analyzer is now in its third generation as the Hitachi EA1000A-III.  The 1000A-III was developed based on feedback from organizations using previous models and some minor additions have resulted in a number of advancements.

The various advancements result in:
– Increased throughput due to faster measurement times
– Limiting operator error and influence
– Streamlined operation
– Improved data management, trend analysis, comparisons, search functions

Associates of Hitachi High-Tech and Eastern Applied Research developed a presentation (linked below) to introduce some of these beneficial advancements.  The new features should be of interest to any facility currently using an older Seiko XRF for RoHS compliance testing but they truly make the Hitachi 1000A-III (and their complete EA series for elemental analysis) an industry leading tool for in-house RoHS compliance testing that all affected organizations should consider.  Contact Eastern Applied with Questions.

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