Do You Realize?…Hitachi XRF is the Evolution of Seiko XRF!

Due to the recent news about Hitachi High-Tech acquiring Oxford Instruments industrial analysis division, many people think of Hitachi and Oxford as being one in the same.  That is not entirely true – as covered in our recent post about the benefits of the acquisition, Hitachi has brought many good parts and people from Oxford XRF into the new Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science America, Inc (Hitachi) while filtering out less desirable aspects.

However, most Hitachi XRF analyzers have more in common with the very well respected and reliable Seiko NanoTechnology line of x-ray fluorescence.


For about 40 years, Seiko was a leader in XRF for coating thickness measurement and RoHS testing interests – and these systems became leading units in the Hitachi x-ray fluorescence product line after Hitachi acquired Seiko a number of years ago (about 2015).  Some of the top Hitachi XRF analyzers are descendants of a Seiko XRF and provide the same reliable performance and ease of use that Seiko users came to expect.

Here is one example…a testimonial…from a company that Eastern Applied has worked with for years but they have experience with Seiko analyzers as well as other brands of XRF.  As you will see below, their experience with the new Hitachi FT110A shows the continued commitment to high performance, unique operations, and ultimately saving users time and money.

“We’ve been using the Hitachi FT110A system for about 1 ½ years now and really like it.  The software is intuitive and the GUI is also helpful and quick.  A couple of helpful upgrade features are the auto-focus function and the POM (point of measurement box selection) remains open for the setting up of multiple POMs on one or two samples.  These seemingly little things can make for a quicker, more efficient measuring procedure which saves time and money…”

“Their reliability remains rock-solid.  This is our 5th (Seiko) Hitachi purchase and the other units have been running strong for over 12 years now with few repairs & maintenance.  Service has also been impeccable!  Thank you Eastern Applied Research!”

Quality Director of a NY based metal finishing company

The Hitachi FT110A is from the Seiko family tree that produced the Seiko SFT3200 and SFT3400 in the 1980’s and 1990’s (many are still in operation today) to the extremely reliable and precise Seiko SFT9200 series.  The Seiko SFT9200 was produced until about 2015 when it was replaced by the Hitachi FT110A.


If you have used Seiko in the past and are interested in newer XRF analyzers, then Hitachi should be at the top of your list (we like to think that even if you don’t have experience with Seiko too).  Contact Eastern Applied Research to discuss your goals and what’s important in your next XRF – we can also share many more testimonials from users of the Hitachi FT110A.

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Hitachi XRF Evolved from Seiko XRF

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