Top Benefits the Internet Offers Users of XRF Analyzers

Eastern Applied Research recently changed a few things relating to our ‘online presence’ – a newly designed website was launched ( and we started a YouTube business page (linked here).  These two items are important for us to get information on the organization and XRF Technology to people with x-ray fluorescence related needs.

Internet Connects XRF and PeopleThese recent changes highlight a great benefit of the internet…the ability to provide information to interested parties when they want it.  While this is probably the primary benefit that people would list when considering how the internet affects users of XRF analyzers, there are some additional benefits that the internet offers.

Below are the top three benefits that the internet provides Eastern Applied clients.
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#3 Training Opportunities: understand the technology better
While Eastern Applied offers nationwide installation and training services, some customers will have past experiences with x-ray fluorescence where they can install a system on their own.  The training part can be provided by Eastern Applied via the internet so that costs are limited but all the answers are provided so that the XRF operator can obtain optimum performance from a system.

#2 Web-Demonstrations: know what XRF technology can do
Organizations interested in x-ray fluorescence will typically want to see a system in action before making the investment in the technology.  Since desktop analyzers are difficult to move around, Eastern Applied Research began offering web-cam demonstrations of the instruments and it has been very beneficial for interested parties…they can review software functionality and instrument performance without leaving their facility.  This can be scheduled quickly and an Application Specialist will provide the demonstration; answering questions along the way.

XRF Analyzers on YouTubeIn addition to one-on-one demonstrations, the previously noted YouTube Channel of Eastern Applied offers a variety of general demonstrations so that interested organizations can review the basics of software flow, data management, etc.  Our YouTube channel even offers a copy of a complete Webinar introducing the Hitachi FT110A.

#1 Remote Service / Support: minimizing down-time
Eastern Applied is dedicated to providing efficient XRF service and support.  So, we recently began offering remote software support through the internet.  Our technical staff can almost immediately access a clients analyzer through internet connection to diagnose, and often resolve, issues relating to software functionality.  Since this benefit is for already operational instruments it is the number one benefit…as our remote software assistance limits production downtime and service costs for our clients.

So…as you can see, the internet provides more than just the initial information about x-ray fluorescence that many companies require.  We use it to offer important information throughout the review process, start-up of a system and the entire lifetime of an instrument.

Eastern Applied Research is pleased to be a leader in these areas of interest that will benefit organizations like yours – let us know if you are familiar with another benefit that the internet can offer and we’ll review it…

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